Tasked with the curation of the knowledge of the past, its transmission in the present, and the invention of knowledge for the future, universities provide a unique platform upon which to debate and experiment with heritage. At the same time, they themselves constitute a heritage, manifested tangibly in collections of buildings and objects, and intangibly in practices and traditions. How might this position as both subject and object of reflection enable universities to contribute to wider discussions about heritage across Europe?

The target of this research blog is to gather and present ongoing research projects on our university heritage, with a specific focus on the current situation of university museums and collections across Una Europa and on the audience of our heritage beyond the academia. The research will offer ground for future work on Una Europa university cultural heritage, with a particular view on how communication is developed locally and how it could lead to a common Una Europa discourse on its shared cultural heritage. Overall, this research blog aims to ensure that heritage contributes to the social, cultural, and economic dynamics of all communities involved: students, professors, administrative staff, residents, wider visitor publics, and heritage bodies.

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